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  • 21st September 2012 - 09:30 GMT

EMI Board approves new Membership applications

At its meeting in Brussels on 20 September 2012 the Board of the European Movement International (EMI) approved the applications for full membership of SOLIDAR and supporting membership of the College of Europe.
The EMI is closely linked to the creation of the College of Europe. In the wake of The Hague Congress of 1948, organised by the International Committee of the Movements for European Unity and presided over by Winston Churchill, leading European figures and founding fathers of the European Union such as Paul-Henri Spaak (EMI President 1950-1955) created the College of Europe. Their aim was to promote a European spirit of solidarity and mutual understanding and to train an elite of young executives for Europe. Today, the college is often described as the leading place to study European affairs.
For more information, please visit the College of Europe website at
SOLIDAR is a European network of 59 member organisations based in 25 countries, working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide. Member organisations are national NGOs in Europe, as well as some non-EU and EU-wide organisations. The network is brought together by its shared values of solidarity, equality and participation.
For more information, please visit the SOLIDAR website at
The EMI would like to note as well that in fulfillment with the necessary requirements the European Movement in Azerbaijan has been granted full membership status and is no longer regarded as preparatory committee.  
The EMI Board congratulates the new members to their membership and is looking forward to an intense and fruitful cooperation in an ever growing and strong European Movement network of pro-European organisations.

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