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  • 8th May 2017 - 17:12 GMT

Europe Day 2017

9 May is Europe Day – a special day, where year after year peace and unity are being celebrated by the European Union and its citizens. When former French foreign minister Robert Schuman made his speech on 9th of May in 1950, the course was set to prevent future war by fostering economic and political cooperation among Europe’s states.

This year, members of the European Movement International network celebrated Europe Day by holding events, discussions and activities throughout Europe. From Finland to Portugal and from Ireland to Turkey, in EU member as well as non – member states celebrations took place.

Over 30 events were planned by our network. European Movement Ireland engaged over 12,500 students across the country in their EU education programme Blue Star, while in Paris, people came together for a special screening of the film Frantz with its director, François Ozon. In Serbia, there were no fewer than seven events taking place, including an art exhibition, debates and an awards ceremony.

Curious as to how everyone celebrated? Take a look at this map to find out more!

What are the benefits of EU membership

What better day to remind ourselves of the benefits the EU brings. Have a look at a few flashcards we have produced and feel free to share them on social media!

We also took to the streets to ask our fellow Europeans what they think about Europe and what they want for the future of Europe. Click the video below and join the conversation.


We also had a chat with former President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy and we asked him to share with us his vision for Europe.


Feel free to share all this on your social media accounts or view it directly on our twitter and facebook pages. Happy #EuropeDay2017!




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