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Follow the 2017 European national elections with us!

This year is election year in Europe. The Dutch general elections took place on 15 March, the French first and second presidential election rounds took place on 23 April and 7 May respectively, and Germany will follow suit on 24 September.

A lot has been said on the significance of the 2017 elections for the European Union as a whole amid the populist rise and growing Euroscepticism. However, when we focus our attention away from rhetoric we find common elements in the national political debate, something which demonstrates that in fact, what concerns citizens in one member state is not all that different from what concerns citizens in another.

The European Movement International together with the European Movements Netherlands, France and Germany are monitoring developments ahead of the elections closely and are working together to show that national political debates have a common European thread, not least because of the common issues debated in different countries, be it immigration and identity, the economy and the Euro or the merits of the EU itself.

The French elections 23 April and 7 March

The European Movement International continues to follow the French legislative elections closely. You can follow communication  on Twitter under #EuropeElects.

  • Have a look of all flashcards on the French elections here.
  • You can also take a look at these short videos to get an idea on what the key issues were in the French election campaign:

and on what the French electorate was thinking about Europe:

Not a French speaker? Not a problem! The European Movement International translated the paragraphs on Europe of the French election programmes of five parties into English. Find the document with the translations attached to this article.

  • For a clear statement by our French member organisation on the elections klick here.


The Dutch Elections 15 March

EM Netherlands has helped translate the paragraphs on Europe of the Dutch election manifestos to make the political discourse on the EU in the Netherlands more accessible.

EM France kicked off the debate surrounding the Dutch elections on 15 March with the event “Soirée de commentaire des élections législatives néerlandaises” which took place at the Dutch embassy in Paris.

Statements by our network

  • Godelieve van Heteren, Chair of EM Netherlands: “The Dutch elections have passed, Dutch people have spoken. After months of heated debate and fierce campaigning, 80% of Dutch electorate came out to the ballot box yesterday to cast their vote. All of Europe was watching, and many commentators expressed a sigh of relief when the party of mr. Wilders (PVV) did not become the largest. Quickly people claimed this to be ‘a victory for Europe’, or in the words of the current PM: “A clear ‘no’ to ‘the wrong kind of populism’.” This may be a bit too quick a conclusion. Find the full analysis of the outcome of the elections by EM Netherlands here.
  • Bernd Hüttemann, Secretary General of EM Germany: “The Dutch election is not just a red card against anti-European populists all over the continent but especially against Brexit-dreamers in England who still believe the trade orientated, pluralistic and liberal Netherlands could be an ally for separation and disintegration. A vast majority of Germans is happy about Dutch friends who believe in the win-win situation of a united Europe.” Find an interview for France International with Hüttemann on the perception of the Dutch elections in Germany here.
  • European Movement Ireland: “In the run up to Wednesday 15 March, the Dutch elections were largely presented by the Irish media in the context of being a bellwether for right-wing populism in Europe. They were introduced also as the first of three crucial European elections this year, after the Brexit vote and US election of President Donald Trump in 2016.” Find the full analysis attached to this article.
  • Sabine Radl, Secretary General of the European Movement Austria:

The German elections on 24 September

Going forward, we will keep you informed about the programme surrounding the German Elections on 24 September. You can follow news on events surrounding the upcoming elections on our website as well as under #EuropeElects.


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