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  • 24th October 2019 - 10:21 GMT

European Greens: Historic Swiss election victory

The Swiss turned out to vote on 20 October in parliamentary elections to elect 200 lower house lawmakers and 46 senators to four-year terms.

The Swiss Greens were projected to score about 13% which is their best national parliament election result ever and a historic election victory. In 2015, they won 7.1% of the vote.

Reacting to the results the President of the Swiss Greens (Grüne Schweiz/ Les Verts Suisse) Regula Rytz said:

“This is a historic result for the Swiss Greens. Never before has climate featured so dominantly among people’s concerns and never before have the Swiss Greens performed so well. We have shown ourselves to be the most credible force in tackling climate destruction and biodiversity loss and will do everything in our power to deliver on the trust the people have placed in us and live by our motto ‘actions not words.’

“We Greens are the only party that consistently combines environmental issues with social issues and liberal fundamental rights. We cannot accept a socially divided Switzerland. We demand fair taxes, fair wages and sustainable safety nets so that all people can live in dignity. Together, we will work for tax-compliant financial and commodity markets, a human asylum policy and global disarmament. By voting Green, the people have chosen a network of committed people who will fight for a Greener, more sustainable and fairer future for Switzerland.”

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