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Participative democracy and civil dialogue

European Movement-France’s reaction to the Charlie Hebdo killings

European Movement-France, continuously supporting European construction since its creation, highlights the bravery of Charlie Hebdo, which refused to bend to the threats and intimidation earned by the drawings it published.

European Movement-France pays tribute to the memory of the victims and shares the grief of the victims’ families.

European-Movement-France calls all Europeans in France to stand actively alongside one another to show national solidarity and support the necessary measures implemented by public authorities.

Moreover, it wishes that all European Movements from other countries of our Continent convey their opposition to these violent and barbaric crimes and stand alongside the French people, who are suffering tremendously from these acts.

European Movement-France demands the immediate construction of a genuine security policy within the borders of the European Union, as well as a European defense policy which implies, above mere industrial interests, a Union designed to defend our freedoms in the areas from which terrorism attacks our values.


Jean-Marie CAVADA

President of the European-Movement-France

Member of European Parliament


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  1. Godelieve van Heteren
    Godelieve van Heteren January 9th,2015 12:01:27 Comment #143

    Thousands of people came out on the streets over the last few days here in The Netherlands as well, to show their sympathy with the victims, express their determination to stand firm for freedom of expression, tolerance, and pluralism. The European Movement in the Netherlands wishes to express its deep solidarity with our French friends and colleagues, and with all those who fight for an open society, in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

  2. European Movement Scotland
    European Movement Scotland January 9th,2015 12:42:26 Comment #144

    All of us here at the Scottish Council of the European Movement wish to express our sympathy for the victims of this barbaric, senseless act. We express our solidarity with our European friends and colleagues who support freedom of speech which is critical to democracy. The Enlightenment is an important part of Edinburgh’s historic culture and we stand up to defend those values.

  3. Reina Mora (Spanish Muslim)
    Reina Mora (Spanish Muslim) January 9th,2015 13:16:01 Comment #145

    Pain and shame. I send to the French people and members of the French Movement my deepest sympathy for the innocents killed in such a coward and barbaric way. Fanatism is back to Europe. We, pro-European citizens, have to boost now European integration “ad intra”. Fanatics and populists are allies against peaceful coexistance, pluralism, respect for diversity and democracy. Don’t let them divide us. Hitler was not Austrian, nor German, nor Christian. He was inhumane, as these terrorists are. Don’t label them as Muslims, don’t help them to justify theirs crimes and to hide their murderous identity behind one religion. Peaceful regards

  4. Veronica Stiastny
    Veronica Stiastny January 12th,2015 11:23:34 Comment #148

    The European Movement UK would like to extend our greatest sympathy to all the families and friends of the victims of the horrific events that have taken place in France this week. Let us stand together with our French colleagues and other members of the European Movement to support democracy, freedom of expression and tolerance at this very difficult time.

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