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  • 6th February 2019 - 15:52 GMT
European elections

European Movement Germany: Call for consultation with members in the EU election year

For EM Germany, every new year begins in a familiar way: a call to its member organisations to pro-actively join the consultation process for the new Political Demands. They will be passed during the general assembly on June 24th.

Think in a European way, act and govern democratically! The headline of EM Germany’s current Political Demands remains valid. Moreover, it signifies a dynamic process that tackles challenges for European integration in a convinced and lasting way and with one distinct voice. That is why the European Movement Germany asks its member organisations to get involved, pro-actively, in creating the Political Demands. The consultation process aims at adapting, sharpening and advancing the current policy stances. With an eye towards the German EU Council presidency in 2020 and because EM Germany is celebrating its 70th anniversary in June this year, all ideas and proposals focus on a future vision for 2049. Then, at EM Germany’s 100th anniversary, a pluralist, democratic and participatory Europe will be more than a mere objective.

During the first stage of the process of consultation, the member organizations are invited to add to and comment on the current version of the Political Demands. With the help of an online tool, they can shape and fine-tune EM Germany’s policy stances according to their interests and positions. The deadline for this stage is March 15th. The results will be presented to EM Germany’s board during its meeting on April 5th. Several events will be organised in April, joined by the board and representatives of the member organizations, in order to discuss the Political Demands and find consensus for their final version that will be passed in the summer of 2019.

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