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  • 29th May 2018 - 16:47 GMT

European Movement International Board meets in The Hague

On 24 May 2018, the European Movement International Board met in The Hague, on the occasion of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the European Movement. The meeting was well attended, and members had an open discussion about the important topics that were addressed.

President Eva Maydell shared some welcome words and kicked off this important meeting, during which key points for the European Movement future were discussed.

Preparation of the Members Council

The Board discussed and emphasised the importance of this Members Council meeting, that takes place exactly one year before the next European elections. It will be an occasion to get thoughts and ideas from the European Movement International members about their plans for the European election and the projects that the European Movement International should work on.

In the margin of this Members Council, the three new political committees will hold their first meeting. They were created after the adoption in November 2017, by the Federal Assembly, of the policy priority areas 2018-2020. The members discussed the content and the nature of the work of the PCs going forward and agreed that they should adopt a progressive and positive approach.

Renewal of the mandate of the Secretary General

The Board members agreed to make a positive recommendation to the Federal Assembly in view of the renewal of Petros Fassoulas’ mandate as Secretary General. Eva Maydell insisted on the good work accomplished by the Secretary General, especially with regards to finances, communications, activity, impact and broadening the European Movement International platform by bringing on new members and partners.

Mr Fassoulas’ mandate was officially renewed during the extraordinary meeting of the Federal Assembly on 24 May 2018.

Preparation of the Sharing Europe Festival (70th anniversary of the European Movement)

Every 10 years, the European Movement International and the City of The Hague host the commemoration of the famous Congress of the Hague, which lay the foundations for European integration and the foundation of the European Movement.

The Board discussed the different activities that will take place in the framework of the celebrations and that will gather citizens movements from across Europe, stakeholders representing society at large, political parties, academia, business, trade unions, youth organisations, local government, environmental movements.

The Hague Declaration

The Board discussed the draft of The Hague Declaration, that will get adopted during the Sharing Europe event, which marks the celebration for the European Movement International 70th anniversary. The objective of the document is to produce a tangible outcome of the events and to function as base for our work ahead of the European elections. The draft was written in collaboration with the organisations that were enlisted as Content Partners for the Hague celebrations and it builds upon European Movement International policy positions.

The members had the chance to bring their expertise to the document and came up with a series of changes and improvements to be added to the text. The text works as an open document, to which members and non-members can contribute.

Citizens’ consultations

The Board members linked to European Movement National Councils shared the work they are during with their national governments in the framework of the citizens’ consultations. The Board agreed that the European Movement International should advocate for a list of key requirements for the citizens consultations and for a coherent use of the results of those consultations.

Working groups

The working groups on Financial Affairs, External Communications and Membership Recruitment were established. The objective of the working groups is to involve Board members in the concrete work of the organisation and to build synergy between the work of the Secretariat and the Board.

The Board members also agreed to create an ad hoc working group on the European Elections 2019.


The following organisations were welcomed as new full members:

  • The European Green Party voted to apply as full member on the occasion of the party council that was held on 20 May 2018. With this new membership, all the pro-European political families are represented in our platform;
  • Europa Nostra is the biggest cultural heritage organisation in Europe. The presence of Europa Nostra in our network increases the presence the cultural sector in the European Movement International.

The following organization was welcomed as new associate members

  • The European Journalists Association is a network of journalists and media professionals from all-over Europe. Its Board has decided to join the EMI and to increase the ranks of the professional organisations represented in our platform.

Reports from previous meetings

For the report of the last Board Meeting on 24 January, please click here.

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