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  • 9th March 2017 - 13:16 GMT

European Movement Breakfast Club with João Nogueira Martins

European Movement International Breakfast Club
Pre-EU Summit private briefing with João Nogueira Martins

With the European Council Summit taking place on 9 and 10 March 2017, the European Movement International held a private Pre-EU Summit Breakfast briefing on the morning of Wednesday 8 March to discuss what would be on EU leaders’ agenda. We were privileged to have João Nogueira Martins, Chief Economic Adviser to President Donald Tusk, as our guest speaker. He shared insight into the issues and challenges that the EU members’ Heads of State would face at the upcoming European Council Summit. The floor was then open to questions and comments from guests and the morning saw an engaging discussion arise.

Mr Nogueira Martins began his overview of the two-day summit, highlighting the Council’s focus on jobs, growth and competitiveness, the single market strategy as well as the essential element of the banking union.

The 28 EU leaders would also be expected to continue the currently prevailing debate on internal security and the fight against terrorism. Mr Nogueira Martins then briefly addressed the situation in the Western Balkans, including Serbia, Bosnia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Following up on a comment from the audience, he added that regional cooperation and public as well as private investment were indeed equally crucial to stabilise the Western Balkans.

On Friday 10 March, the 27 heads of state or government are meant to hold a political discussion around the anniversary of the Rome Treaties and the expected declaration. Not only will this text celebrate the European Union’s past achievements, but also look at current and future challenges such as migration. Mr Nogueira Martins concluded the discussion by emphasizing European citizens’ need for economic and social security as well as internal and external security.

The European Movement International looks forward to its next Breakfast Club and would like to extend its deepest thanks to all those who attended and participated, our sponsors BDO, and of course Mr Nogueira Martins.

Take a look at the rest of the photos from the event here:

08.03.2017 - European Movement International Breakfast Club

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