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European Movement Members Council

On 25 November, the European Movement Members Council took place in Brussels. Representatives of our National Offices and the International Associations in our network gathered in the European Parliament to discuss key issues regarding Europe and to decide on future actions.

Board Meeting

In the morning, the European Movement Board met for the final time this year to discuss proceedings ahead of the Members Council and to take decisions on membership and budgetary matters.


Political Committee Meetings

After the Board Meeting, the three political committees – More Democracy, Jobs and Growth and Europe in the World- came together to discuss new policy positions.

PC ‘More Democracy, Citizens’ Rights and Freedom’ exchanged views on the new policy position on the Rule of Law and approved the e-Democracy policy position.

The Committee on ‘Jobs, Competitiveness and Sustainable Growth’ focused specifically on the promotion of skills and considered the proposed policy position on this topic.

Finally, PC ‘Europe in the world’ discussed two policy positions: one on Enlargement and the other one Security.

Plenary Session

2017 Work Plan and Budget

During the Plenary Session of the Members Council, the first item on the agenda was the Work Plan and the Budget for 2017. The 2017 Work Plan contains the statutory activities and other internal meetings for next year, such as the Federal Assembly and Board Meetings.

Furthermore, in 2017 the European Movement International plans to maintain its efforts to attract new Members while also focusing on strengthening the capacities of the already existing ones.

Besides this, the European Movement International will continue to organise briefing events, conferences and seminars over the course of the next year.  In addition, the Work Plan sets out the Communications, Events and Policy strategy for 2017 encompassing each of the three Political Committees.

Political discussion on Policy Positions

After the presentation of the 2017 Work Plan and Budget, the participants held a political discussion on the new Policy Positions of the three Political Committees. The e-Democracy Policy Position was the first to be adopted, followed by the draft Policy Position on the Rule of Law.

The draft Position on the Skills Agenda was likewise adopted, considering that the improvement of skills is essential for each of the elements in the PC Jobs, Competitiveness and Sustainable Growth.

The members who were present also showed support for the Enlargement Policy Position and the updated Position on Security. The full positions will be shared on this website in the coming days.

European Movement International Projects

Following the political discussion, the European Movement International Projects were presented.

The Women of Europe Awards, a new project, was the first to be introduced. These Awards will highlight the contribution of women in promoting and advancing European integration, and aim to increase the presence and involvement of women in debates about Europe and its future.

The new On Our Watch project was presented next. On Our Watch aims to study – from a citizens’ perspective – the developments of the EU policies MEP candidates pledged to support while campaigning in 2014.

Another upcoming project is the European Angst Conference, which will address urgent questions around populism, xenophobia and extremism in Europe.

Furthermore, the European Movement has recently joined the Pact for Youth, which brings together  representatives  from  business,  education  and  youth  in  order  to  develop  or  consolidate partnerships  in  support  of  youth  employability  and  inclusion.

Lastly, the 70th anniversary of The Hague Convention in 2018 was discussed and members agreed that an event will take place.  Members exchanged ideas on how to celebrate this milestone and agreed on developing an innovative conference in which citizens should be actively engaged.

After the presentation of the European Movement International projects, members got the chance to discuss their main challenges and to present reports on their past, current and future activities.

More pictures of the Members Council can be found Facebook and on Flickr:

25.11.2016 European Movement Members Council

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