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European Movement UK – Shaping Our Common Future

European Movement Strengthens its top team to build a campaign to keep Britain at the heart of Europe

Laura Sandys elected to Chair and Richard Corbett Vice-Chair in revamped Pro European Campaign Group

Laura Sandys MP and Richard Corbett MEP have been elected to leadership positions in European Movement to spearhead the organisation’s campaign to keep the UK at the heart of Europe.

Charles Kennedy MP, President of the European Movement, said “We have come a long away in the past few years and it is testament to the work of Petros and the team that people like Laura Sandys and Richard Corbett have decided to join the campaign to put the pro-EU membership case to the British people. I look forward to working with both of them in a truly cross-party endeavour to keep Britain in the EU”.

Laura Sandys MP said that “it is crucial that we set out the case for a stronger UK as part of a successful Europe. We cannot stand by and watch the UK become marginalised or excluded from crucial decision making that would impact every community and household in this country.

“Our mission is to build a strong, confident organisation to play its part with others to counter the voices of BREXIT whether there is a referendum or not. I look forward to working with Petros Fassoulas and the grassroots team to take us to the next stage in the development of a robust campaign group.”

In comments following his election, Richard Corbett MEP said that “Britain and its neighbours have worked for decades to build a framework where we work together for mutual benefit, still sometimes having arguments and rows, but inside a structure where these can be settled amicably. Together we have built the world’s largest market, crucial for so many jobs in Britain. Together, we work on issues where unity is strength. Together, we solve problems where our interdependence means we can’t easily do it alone. Walking out would mean losing out.

“It is the task of the European Movement to make the case, no holds barred, for keeping and strengthening our Union, irrespective of party politics.”

Petros Fassoulas said “I am extremely pleased that Laura and Richard have agreed to come on board. Together as a team of effective campaigners we aim to continue making the case in favour of our EU membership. As the UK’s longest running pro-European campaign group EM today is further strengthening its voice and will be heard in all parts of the United Kingdom in the next few years.”

Note to Editors: European Movement is the longest established campaign group to support the UK’s membership of the EU. It led the campaign for the Yes vote in 1975. We currently have a network of branches throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with thousands of members and over 10,000 people subscribed to our mailing list receiving regular updates. We are also part of a pan-European network of likeminded organisations.

We are a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, funded exclusively by our members. Visit to see how you can join us and help keep Britain in the EU.

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