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  • 17th October 2019 - 13:25 GMT

EYF: New EU Commission? We’re not there yet

The power reshuffle in the EU is not over yet! This month the new European Parliament has been holding hearings for candidate Commissioners, putting them to the test to determine if they are the right people to lead Europe forward over the next 5 years. With each hearing lasting three hours and thanks to their statements and questions from MEPs, Europeans through their elected Parliament now have more insight into the plans, priorities and proposals of the new European Commission. In advance of the final vote by the European Parliament, it’s time to look back over what we’ve learned and the big question marks that are still unanswered.

Mariya Gabriel – Innovation and Youth
Although this portfolio designated to Mariya Gabriel has youth in the title, we were left with some big gaps in Gabriel’s answers during her hearing on 30 September. With much of the focus being placed on research, innovation and digital, young people were unfortunately sidelined in the discussions. We were, however, very happy to hear Gabriel’s commitment to tripling the budget of the Erasmus Programme, in particular the emphasis on expanding the programme to become much more inclusive as well as recognising the added value of non-formal education and the role of youth organisations. Now all eyes are on the Member States to actually secure the tripling of the Erasmus Programme.

Don’t forget about: young people’s participation in society. How are you, Mariya Gabriel, planning to engage directly with young people and youth organisations?

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