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  • 28th November 2019 - 11:21 GMT

Fondation Euractiv: Launch of the Stars4Media Project

Disinformation disorder, falling trust and readership, unprecedented challenges in their business models, shifting skills and technology. The media sector is going through a deep multifaceted crisis. Solutions for a healthy media sector are still in the making. One thing is certain, they must be driven by the media sector itself, and by innovation. In this context, the European Union is co-funding a pilot project on media innovation and cross-border cooperation:!

A crisis-stricken European media sector facing unprecedented challenge requires innovation. To tackle this issue, Stars4Media is a media-driven project to support and accelerate innovation in the media sector in Europe. It builds on the involvement of media outlets, publishers associations and journalists’ and media unions, through the exchange of young media professionals around ad hoc media innovation initiatives.

For 12 months, starting in November 2019, this innovative pilot project will let some 100 promising young media professionals to work together around collaborative innovative initiatives.

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