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JEF elects Christopher Glück as new President

During their XXIII Congress in Zürich, Young European Federalists from over 30 countries have discussed their political aims and strategic priorities. The delegates further elected the new Executive Board of their pan-European organisation.

The Congress also was a moment of goodbye for the members of the outgoing Executive Board (EB). In the focus of attention was Pauline GESSANT, who, amongst other positions, had been President of JEF Europe during the past four years. In her farewell speech, she recalled representing JEF during the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony as one of the favourite moments of her 13-year long active membership in JEF. The entire Congress thanked her for her contribution and dedication to the development of the organisation with long and standing ovations.

Former Vice-President Christopher GLÜCK (Germany) was elected with a broad majority as President for the mandate 2015-17. In his candidate speech he outlined his vision for JEF in the coming years: “JEF is at its best when we live the JEF spirit, when we are inclusive and curious, bold and idealistic, and when work is fun. I want to keep JEF that way, while becoming more efficient in our political lobbying. I also want to continue to build our presence in Eastern Europe and support small sections where we can. In this sense it is a great symbol that our next Federal Committee will take place in Poland.”, explained Glück.

The candidates also discussed current political questions. Addressing the British section, newly-elected Vice-President Ophélie OMNES (France) said, “The times ahead of us are likely to be hard for pro-Europeans, and even harder for convinced federalists. But I do believe we have what it takes to face the situation, and overcome it. JEF Europe has your back”. Her newly-elected colleague, Leonie MARTIN (the Netherlands), focused on the importance of increasing internal visibility: “We need to realise the importance of each level in our organisation, communicate clearer what we are doing on the European level and aim to include even more local members in the discussions.”

The Congress elected as new EB members Jacopo BARBATI (Italy), Kevin KRISTIANSEN (Denmark), Miriam POSTIGLIONE (Italy), Elisa TARKIAINEN (Finland), and Simon DEVOS (Belgium) as Treasurer.

During the Congress the member organisations also revised their common political platform and agreed on new articles. The revised platform calls for equal access to education across the Union regardless of the socio-economic background of EU citizens and for the EU’s trade policy to be designed with a view to foster social and environmental standards, peace and stability. Furthermore, the Congress called for a pan-European electoral law and on revising the European citizens’ initiative.

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