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Bridging EU decision making, Participative democracy and civil dialogue

JEF Structured Dialogue Flash Note

The Structured Dialogue (SD) is an instrument to ensure that the opinion of young people is taken into account when defining youth-related policies of the EU.


In the next weeks four additional questions will be discussed online. You can join the discussion on the JEF PC2 Facebook page

Question 5: How could European decision-makers better take into account new forms of political participation?
Question 6: How should young people from all backgrounds be informed, empowered, and engaged to take part in political and democratic processes
Question 7: How can new and alternative technologies be used to empower young people for political participation? (social networks and other technologies)
Question 8: How can we ensure that the political participation process has impact in the society?

The conclusions of these debates should be shared with the JEF Ambassador. After Christmas, we will start to prepare the Structured Dialogue conclusions using open sources and online editors technologies. These conclusions will be presented in the next European Youth Conference (March 2015) and the JEF Federal Committee.

If you have any idea, suggestion or comment regarding the organisation of the JEF Structured Dialogue or if you want to send the feedback regarding the questions already discussed on Facebook please write to the JEF ambassador.

Thanks everybody and especially to the #JEFvolunteers! Together we can make the difference!

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