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Joint Statement on Migration – EM Denmark and EM Germany: ‘Unity instead of Isolation’

The current developments at the German-Danish border worry us!

A border that has been connecting two countries for years suddenly separates them again.

Even worse, it bars the way for those fleeing and seeking help. It is a worrying development that right-wing populists increasingly mobilise against refugees.

We are deeply concerned and wonder how this sealing off goes in line with common European legislations and, above all, our common European values: the respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights.

What moves, drives and inspires us is the cooperation and solidarity between member states. Especially in such a critical matter as the current refugee crisis, we have to grow together even further rather than separate. No member state can stand alone in this, we need to stand together. Our borders should not matter to refugees just as they do not matter to Europeans due to the achievement of the Common Schengen Area. It should be a shared responsibility to handle the refugee crisis. Therefore we need a functioning system at the external EU-borders; not on our domestic borders. The fundamental right of free movement in the EU must be valued and protected.

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker said in his State of the Union Speech: “The Refugee Crisis has an imperative to act as a Union.”

We therefore urge all member states of the European Union to stick to their responsibilities. The latest developments are shocking. We can no longer be paralysed but need to pull in the same direction and tackle current and future challenges in solidarity.

We welcome President Juncker’s decision on measures to obligate 22 EU-states to receive 120.000 people from Greece, Italy and Hungary. We welcome his reminder to comply with EU-regulations for asylum and we clearly welcome what has been achieved in regard to enhancing presence at sea.

Under the given devastating conditions for refugees the Dublin III-System cannot be maintained anymore as it is. The flow of life cannot be stopped by national borders. Pluralistic countries like Denmark and Germany should be the forerunners for a solidary common policy in the EU.

European civil society, individually and organised demonstrates what it means to stand together in terms of humanity, it is about time for European politicians to follow this example. From the German and Danish European Movement we call upon the politicians to take action now: We need unity in the European project urgently – not tomorrow, not later but now!

Rainer and Stine

Rainer Wend, President, European Movement Germany and Stine Bosse, President, European Movement Denmark.

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