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  • 2nd May 2018 - 14:24 GMT

Labour Day: A New Momentum in Employment and Social Affairs

On Labour Day 2018 CESI is encouraged by a new momentum in political discussions on employment and social affairs in Europe. As the European Pillar of Social Rights, put forward by the European Commission in March last year, celebrates its first anniversary, policy makers across Europe are increasingly acknowledging the need to also think social when pursuing economic policies. CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger, who spoke at a public Labour Day event of CESI’s member organisation CONFSAL in Naples today, however recalled that political discussions must now also yield tangible commitments.

Speaking to Confsal’s affiliates, Klaus Heeger called for employment and social policies in Europe that invest in people, put solidarity first and protect workers and employees. “Investing in people, decreasing social inequalities and ensuring fair and decent employment and working conditions is what can make a tangible difference to citizens and workers. Decision makers in the EU and the Member States should keep employment and social affairs high on the agenda but move more from debate to commitments”, Klaus Heeger added.

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