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60th anniversary of the signing of the Rome Treaties, Brexit

More or Less Europe? – EM Germany Telegram on the Future of the EU

The EU is under scrutiny: the intensity of pressure on the European Union in 2017 is unprecedented in the long period since the Treaty of Rome paved the way in 1957 for the European integration project. The official notification by the United Kingdom of its withdrawal from the EU, but also the election results in important neighbouring countries such as the Netherlands, France and Italy are determining the future course, if not even the continued existence, of the EU. Meanwhile the pro-Europeans are collaborating and their voices are growing louder – not only “on the street” but also among the EU27, as demonstrated in the unity at the special summit on Brexit.

Since 1948, the European Movement International has been working to shape the future of Europe. However, not a single year has yet been routine. What shape is the EU in at present? What should a future-oriented EU27 look like? Earlier this month, the EBD Executive Board have released their Policy Agenda for 2017/18, which will be passed by the General Assembly at the Italian Embassy in Berlin on 26th June. German Vice Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel will speak at the event, as well as H.E. Pietro Benassi and international guests from European Movement Austria and Denmark, respectively.

Together with the European Commission Representation and the European Parliament Information Office the EBD has also developed the campaign „It’s YOUR Europe!“, which will be taken up and continued by numerous institutional and civil European communicators.

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