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  • 3rd May 2018 - 10:35 GMT

Reclaim your #RightToRepair

The European Environmental Bureau are partners on the Coolproducts #RightToRepair campaign, which aims to introduce requirements to make products easier to repair.

Coolproducts campaigners have asserted that every day we buy products that are designed to fail. Manufacturers should be legally obliged to share repair information and instructions so that consumers know if a product is repairable before purchase. Mandatory design requirements must ensure that the key components of a product are easily accessible, and key components must be designed in a standardised way.

Coolproducts campaigners are encouraging EU citizens to submit their own responses to a public consultation. To have your say, fill out the survey here. To have a look at the response of Coolproducts, or access more information on completing the survey, click here.

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