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  • 11th May 2015 - 09:29 GMT
EMI Training Academy

Summer training on COP21, Brussels 15-18 July 2015

Climate change negotiations are high on the EU and international agendas. Following the failure of Copenhagen, and disappointing results in Lima, the pressure is on to reach a significant agreement in Paris at the end of the year.

The planet’s survival is at stake. The 2°C target agreed in Copenhagen must be reached if unpredictable climate catastrophes are to be prevented.

However, many issues remain to be solved. How can we decouple CO2 emissions from economic growth? How do we encourage the international community to help developing countries adapt whilst facing rising energy demands? Can we avoid exceeding the current carbon budget? Are the EU and US really ready to face their historical responsibility in carbon emissions? How should we deal with rising emissions from China, Brazil and India? And how can citizens and civil society get more involved?

The EMI Training Academy invites students to come to Brussels to meet the experts working on the COP21 negotiations. Speak with members of parliament, EC officials, representatives of NGOs and of the industry, and learn what is going on behind the scenes! All this takes place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where everyone can have a say.

The Summer training is also an opportunity to visit the main EU institutions and to discover Brussels and Bruges. Moreover, chocolates and Belgian beer are on the agenda!

This is an unforgettable multicultural experience that will change your view on how Brussels works!

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