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  • 12th February 2018 - 09:54 GMT

The European Movement Denmark launches ‘We are Europe’ Initiative to strengthen EU debate

The European Movement Denmark has launched the initiative ‘We Are Europe’ in Denmark. The aim? To kick off the discussions on the European Union and Denmark. ‘The Danish discussions on the EU is often simplified and either pro- or against the European Union’ says Christine Bosse, President of European Movement Denmark and Board Member of the European Movement International. She continues: ‘We want to ask the simple – but complex – questions on what the EU should be? What collective problems should be solved in unity and what should not?’. The EU is a political arena – but not a buffet where ‘cherry picking is possible’ she argues.

By inviting youngsters to debate, inviting seniors on an Erasmus++ trip – a format like Erasmus+ for seniors – the ‘We Are Europe’ initiative aims to make European matters more familiar to the Danish people. The initiative wants to broaden the discussion on the EU.

Behind the initiative is a wide-ranging network in Denmark; from the confederation of Danish industry, over the European Movement Denmark to the Danish political parties.

New format: 1001 Homes

Many discussions on the EU are to take place in libraries, in schools, in workplace, elderly centres, and most importantly in people’s homes. This format is called: 1001 Homes. ‘With the initiative ‘1001 Homes’ we want the European matters to be discussed at home’ Bosse says. With dilemmas such as the migration crisis, the EU budget and security, people are asked to discuss these matters while spending time with family and friends. Afterwards they are invited to submit their concerns to the ‘We Are Europe’-initiative’ who will then hand over these ideas to the Danish politicians in both the Danish Parliament and the European Parliament.

Not just optimism

The voice of the people is often missing in the discussion on the European Union. Many Danes feel that the European union is far away from their everyday lives. Yet, 2/3 are positive about the European Union in Denmark – but want more information on what the European Union is and what it does. With the initiative the European Movement Denmark wants to strengthen the debate and to listen to both optimism and scepticism of the European Union and thereby address them. ‘And we want to take these concerns and dreams of the Danish people into the political sphere –  so we can strengthen the European Union in the future’, Bosse concludes.



  • ‘We are Europe’ is a broad network of organisations in Denmark who share the goal of a broad debate on European matters and seek to bring the discussion to schools, people’s homes and making study trips for seniors – Erasmus++.
  • The Danish European movement is managing the network.
  • Four big initiatives are launched: Road trips, Erasmus++, Europe Debates and 1001 Homes. Find the network at and #vivileuropa
  • For English/French information: contact project manager: Søren Warthoe:

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