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  • 16th November 2015 - 14:48 GMT
European Social Model

“There is no better answer to hatred than fraternity”: JEF Europe condemns Paris attacks

Last night, Paris was attacked, again. Not even a year after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January, the French capital was hit even harder by several terrorist attacks, which have cost the lives of over a hundred people.

Yesterday night’s attacks in Paris leave us shocked, sad and angry. All of our thoughts and our compassion are with the victims and with those who have lost their loved ones, as well as with the French people, still in the state of shock.

Last night, not only Paris got hurt, but the whole of Europe felt the pain. This was not an attack on France as much as it was an attack on universal human values, on the very foundations of the free, open and democratic societies we strive to be. Our answer can only be to be ever more united in defending our European core values of freedom, democracy and peace.

We stand united and in solidarity with our friends from JEF France and beyond in these difficult moments. We believe that there is no better answer to hatred and terror than unity, solidarity and fraternity. We remain proud of the democratic values we stand for and we will continue fighting together for what we believe in. Just as the city of lights will never go dark, we will not allow fear, hate and menace to dim the light of democracy and liberty.

If some have ever thought there was no such thing as a European people, now is the time to prove them wrong. #NousSommesUnis

Co-signed by JEF Bulgaria, JEF Germany, JEF Finland, JEF France, JEF Spain and JEF Macedonia

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