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Ukraine: The European Democrats welcome the spirit of responsibility

Commenting on today’s agreement between Russia and Ukraine in Minsk for a cease-fire, Marielle de SARNEZ, Secretary-General of the European Democratic Party and Vice-Chair of the ALDE Group, said:

“I welcome the spirit of responsibility that prevailed in Minsk and the role played by France and Germany, on behalf of the European Union, for this global political agreement.

Nevertheless, this hope remains fragile and requires serious concessions on the part of both parties. Moscow must always show its willingness to withdraw its direct and indirect support to the armed separatist forces. Kiev has to convince its real dispositions to grant a larger autonomy to the Russian-speaking population in the Ukrainian institutional framework.

The European Union must now strengthen this result and take its responsibilities in a conflict, which, first and foremost, concerns Europe. The Ukrainian economy is on the verge of suffocation and needs emergency assistance. As for Russia, it has to regain its status as a natural partner of Europe when it shall have complied with its commitments.”

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