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VIth Congress of the European Democratic Party

The Congress of the European Democratic Party, gathered in Brussels on 11 December 2014,

Affirms the original political role of the European Democratic Party, whose political orientation is different from the one of the conservatives from the People’s Party, the Socialists, and other European political families, as promoter of a profound and innovative European integration, upholding civic values, in accordance and proximity with the citizens;

Approves of the support given by the EDP-ALDE Group Members of the European Parliament, leading to ensuring a majority that moves aside populism, extremism, that fights the irresponsible dissolution of the European integration process;

Gives its support to the plan proposed by the Juncker Commission, to call up for important investments for growth and jobs and proposes to amplify and improve it by additional funding especially from European savings;

Proposes, over the next two years, to focus the EDP priorities on the defence of the sovereign interests of Europe, on the definition and the strengthening of these interests – integrating the sovereign interests of each European nation, as well as the interests of regions and territories. According to us, taking into account the sovereign interests of Europe depends on a refoundation of Europe, as foreseen in our platform for the European elections in 2014. Indeed, the history mankind teaches us that, if the democratic institutions do not defend the general interest, the individual interests lead to the mutual confrontation. The Founding Fathers’ success was based on the choice of cooperation and integration wherever violent battles and conflicts were rooted;

Approves the framework of EDP initiatives over the two next years as set up by the working groups and thanks the different delegations, the Secretary General and the Delegate General for their work in coordinating these thematic programmes.

Identifies the following priorities:

  1. The political construction of an economic Europe that fosters growth, competitiveness and employment, in particular youth employments, especially within the Eurozone.
  2. The affirmation of a social project shared by the nations and states of Europe, in particular those of the Eurozone, with a social convergence agenda, an agenda for equality between citizens, social groups, men and women.
  3. The urging setting up of a fiscal convergence within the Eurozone.
  4. An agenda for a sustainable development project and effective reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, in cooperation with the economy and agriculture, especially to move energy conservation and energy efficiency forward.
  5. A common defence policy, allowing each partner country.
  6. The affirmation of a European foreign policy, leading to an effective cooperation between partner States’ diplomacies, and the definition of a common strategy on all major issues regarding the future. Our concern is, especially today, on Ukraine, the defence of its territorial integrity, liberty, sovereignty, and its European vocation.
  7. A common strategy and an effective, collaborative and mutually supportive action on immigration issues: rights to asylum, development policy, flow regulation, thankless fight.
  8. These issues of geostrategic importance, that determine the future of our countries and our societies, must call on European authorities to concentrate their efforts in reflecting and acting. The subsidiarity principle should prevent the tendency to regulate many aspects of citizens and companies’ daily life in a centralised, over-administrated and technocratic way, which too often the case.

The EDP Congress approved the new composition of its Presidency, as follows:

  • Co-Presidents: François Bayrou (France) and Francesco Rutelli (Italy)
  • Vice-Presidents: Marian Harkin (Ireland), Nicos Koutsou (Cyprus), Jean-Christophe Lagarde (France), Ulrike Müller
  • (Germany), Andoni Ortuzar (Basque Country), Andrzej Potocki (Poland), Gianluca Susta (Italy)
  • Secretary General: Marielle de Sarnez (France)
  • Vice-Secretaries General: Monika Begovic (Croatia), Luigi Cocilovo (Italie), José Félix Merladet (Pays basque)
  • Treasurer: Jean Marie Beaupuy (France)
  • Delegate General: Gérard Deprez (Belgique)

The EDP operates with the representations of the liberal parties within the parliamentary alliance ALDE. The continued and concerted cooperation between these two families, Liberal on the one hand and Democrat on the other, makes for European reformative and dynamic Centre. Each of these two branches contributes to the mutual action by its autonomy, history and own identity.

The Congress declares that pro-European politics should not remain defensive, silent or embarrassed, when faced with the rise of populism. The fight for pro-European values and initiatives should regain the heart, the spirit, and the consensus of the European citizens. This is the raison d’être of the European Democratic Party.

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