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Joint statement from EM Germany and EM Denmark: We need a Danish “Yes”!

Cross-border crimes require cross-border action

Tragic events have shown that the countries in the European Union are interlinked to a great extent. Today, we need to be clear that the European Union must stand together and has to defend the concept of freedom and democracy.

A cornerstone in the European Union is the single market where goods, services, capital and labor can move freely across national borders. The single market has given rise to prosperity, ascending interdependency, new communities and joint cultural values. These assets need our further safeguarding through European institutions to maintain a strong Union!

In the matter of safety, it is Europol working closely with law enforcement agencies in the 28 member states. The agency uses its unique information capabilities to identify and track the most dangerous criminal and terrorist networks in Europe. They have the potential of hampering the European Union – a Union we all benefit from, thus we need to dismantle them with joint cross-border police efforts.

On 3rd December 2015, the Danes will have a referendum on a ‘flexible’ opt-in approach to EU Justice and Home Affairs. The opt-in model is structured the same way as the ones Ireland and the United Kingdom have today. The choice is very clear. If the Danes decide to vote “No”, officials worry that Denmark ultimately will be forced to leave Europol as a consequence of Europol turning supranational. If so, both Denmark, and the EU, will lose an invaluable asset in the fight against cybercrime, trafficking and the abuse and exploitation of children. The criminals behind these foul crimes operate within international structures – with resources and know-how. So let us be very clear: This loss in security is not acceptable. Cross-border crimes require cross-border action! In order to keep the achievements made and to maintain the cooperation to combat cross-border crimes, we need a Danish “Yes”.

We need to stand together now!
Even though this upcoming referendum will have no bearing on Denmark’s asylum and immigration policy, we also need to face the fact that no country in Europe will be able to cope with tomorrow’s challenges on its own. We need to stand together now! The refugee crisis, its tragic events in the Mediteranean Sea and at the newly raised fences on the Balkans have visualised the need to stand in solidarity to cope with the situation. This is the time for joint solutions!

Time to take action!
Cross-border crimes require cross-border action. Therefore, the Danish European Movement have initiated a cross-border happening at the Danish-German border at Rønsdam. Members and friends of the European Movement as well as the local community have been invited. The event will take place at the border at Rønsdam in Bov at the end of the road called Oldemorstoft, 6330 Padborg from 4:15 – 6:00pm.

Contact person for media: Rikke Johan, +45 40312667,

EBD Netzwerk Tag 2014 beim Deutschen Sparkassen- und Giroverband - DSGV in Berlin

Rainer Wend, President, EM Germany

Stine Bosse

Stine Bosse, President, EM Denmark

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