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YFJ: Meet the Pot!

The Pool of Trainers (PoT) is a key resource tool for our member organisations and partners providing training, facilitation and support in various ways.

* Run skill-based and thematic training courses and workshops on topics related to youth

* Facilitate seminars, conferences, trainings, meetings or evaluations

* Develop training tools and materials

* Provide input on training related issues, non-formal education and expertise on building up Pools of Trainers

The PoT is composed of 15 highly skilled and experienced young Trainers with expertise in non-formal education, youth work and advocacy. The trainers are coming mainly from our member organizations and they are especially selected by the European Youth Forum to cover a wide and diverse range of profiles with a special thematic focus on the areas of the Youth Forum’s work plan.

The PoT is structured in 2 categories of Trainers:

* Senior Trainers

* Junior Trainers

The profiles reflect the level of expertise that the trainer has in order to implement the roles and functions of the PoT. This structure is key in maintaining the motivation of trainers and space for their further development as part of the PoT. The description of the two categories of profiles can be found here.

PoT Members 2017-2018

Senior Trainers

o Maya Doneva (NYF)

o Tea Jarc (ETUC Youth)

o Tanya Lyubimova (IFLRY)

o Matej Manevski (NYCM FYROM)

o Milosh Ristovski (YEU)

Junior Trainers

o Mohammed Alsaud

o Patrick Azevedo (CGJL)

o Clara Giberga (SCI)

o Elisabeth Hanzl (OJV)

o Ida Kreutzman (OBESSU)

o Javier Milan Lopez (Y-E-N)

o Marija Pantelic (Alliance)

o Anne Peeters

o Alexandra Ruivo Cordeiro (EFIL)

o Artur Wieczorek

The profile of each PoT member will soon be made available.

Requesting a Trainer

If you are in need of a trainer or facilitator simply send a call with an outline of the task, the conditions and a profile of the trainer you need to the Ivana Davisoska at the Youth Forum secretariat. The members of the PoT that fit your needs and are available will then apply and it will be up to you who you select. We are looking forward to hear from you!

The Pool of Trainers can undertake a wide range of trainings; here are some examples of the type of trainings that they can do:

Module – Advocacy and Lobbying

Module – Organisational Management

Module – Volunteer Management

Module – Training on Funding Opportunities

Module – Coaching

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