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  • 14th May 2018 - 11:47 GMT

Youth Progress Index

The European Youth Forum is very excited to introduce the Youth Progress Index, a brand new tool that provides valuable insight into life as a young person in different countries around the world.

The Youth Progress Index is one of the first measurements to be independent of economic indicators. Although GDP remains the preferred measure of progress for politicians and other leaders, only focusing on economic measures does not tell the full story. By focusing on ‘social progress’, the Youth Progress Index gathers data that matters to and can impact the daily lives of young people in areas such as education, healthcare, housing and environmental sustainability. Data can be a huge source of power and influence. With the relevant, reliable data collected in this Youth Progress Index, we can provide opportunities for countries to share good practices, and assess the success of policy and public investment over time.

To view the Youth Progress Index, click here. To see an overview of the results by country, click here.

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