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  • 13th July 2015 - 18:00 GMT

European Movement calls for long-term solution to maintain Eurozone integrity

The European Movement International calls on all negotiating partners in the ongoing discussions on Greece’s future to put aside nationalist differences and promote the European interest. Five years of muddling through the crisis have damaged public confidence in the Eurozone project, and rebuilding trust between negotiating partners is now key to rebuilding a united Europe.

Lessons must be learnt from the situation in Greece, notably the need for strong and independent Eurozone bodies to avoid member states haggling over national interests in last-minute negotiations. Moreover, this must be the springboard upon which Eurozone governance reform is debated and agreed upon as a matter of urgency.

Jo Leinen MEP, President, European Movement International, said:
Europe must emerge untied from these years of crisis with a clear plan for its long term future. The long term integrity of the Eurozone project requires structural reform. An own resource budget would equip the Eurozone with the capacity to step in when a member state loses competitiveness. Moreover, a debt redemption fund made available to all Eurozone members would help avoid long term economic stagnation.


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  1. The European Movement International (EMI) is one of the largest pan and pro-European civil society organisations with currently more than 70 Member Organisations, bringing together representatives from European associations, political parties, enterprises and trade unions.

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