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  • 29th May 2012 - 17:04 GMT

EMI Federal Assembly re-appoints Diogo Pinto as Secretary General and adopts new policy positions

At its meeting in Brussels (25-26 May), the Federal Assembly of the European Movement International (EMI) adopted political resolutions and unanimously re-appointed Diogo Pinto for another three-year term as EMI Secretary General.

It has been a privilege to serve as Secretary General of the European Movement in the last three years, and I am glad and grateful for the trust received to continue doing so. Yet, the success of the Movement is not build on individual performances only; My gratitude goes to my colleagues in the Secretariat and in the Board, as well as to all the EMI Members, for their devotion and commitment towards the European Movement”, said Secretary General Diogo Pinto after his re-appointment.

Following a discussion with European Commission representative Manfred Bergmann, Director DG Taxation and Customs Union, the delegates adopted a resolution calling for a real European budget and for rethinking the current European Tax Policy. Generating own resources through a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) and a carbon tax would ensure fiscal fairness as well as environmental protection. At the same time, according to the EMI, it is necessary to introduce a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base and to step up the battle against tax evasion within and outside the EU.

Download EMI Resolution: European Tax Policy and EU Own Resources
The delegates spoke in favour of lowering the active right to vote (Voting@16) and of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union. The EMI Federal Assembly also adopted resolutions on the EU accession process in the Western Balkans and the Rio+20 Summit and voted for the establishment of a Political Committee on Education and Culture.

Download: Lowering the active right to vote, Voting@16

Download: European Union deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Download: EU accession process in the Western Balkans

Download: Rio+20 Summit

Download: Establishment of a Political Committee on Education and Culture

The European Organisation of Military Associations (EUROMIL) was ratified as EMI Member Organisation. EUROMIL promotes social and professional interests of military personnel in Europe and is the primary Europe-wide forum for co-operation of 42 national military associations and trade unions.

Finally, the road ahead for the European Movement was set with the adoption of the EMI Work Plan 2013 which you can download hereafter.


Editor’s Note: The European Movement International (EMI) is one of the largest pan and pro-European civil society organisation with currently more than 70 Member Organisations, bringing together representatives from European associations, political parties, enterprises and trade unions.

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