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  • 28th June 2012 - 16:55 GMT

EU Must Fight Youth Unemployment

Growth Compact and MFF 2014-2020 negotiations: Stimulating Growth and Job Creation

The European Movement International (EMI) demands that more European integration is the only appropriate response to the financial crisis. “After years of intergovernmentalism in Europe and too many half-hearted measures taken, the time is right to pave the way for more Europe with sustainable growth and employment”, said EMI President Jo Leinen before the European Council discussions on Economic Policies and the 2014 -2020 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF).

“The European Council must offer a real perspective to let the EU come out stronger of this crisis. The report presented by the Van Rompuy group is a good starting point for an intensive debate. The Heads of State and Government should not shy away from these proposals”, said Jo Leinen. Institutional innovations are needed to create the necessary governance structures.

More immediate measures are needed. European youth suffers most from the economic crisis. As such, specific, targeted activities should be brought underway. The Employment package of the Commission including its commitment to tackle youth unemployment must now be implemented. New incentives for growth and jobs creation have to be decided when negotiating the new MFF Budget. The EU should spend more money for education and jobs and support a trans-national European job market.

The MFF Budget 2014-2020 should therefore provide the necessary means for the EU in order to live up to its commitments deriving from the Lisbon Treaty. “We believe that in order to create a growth framework, a system of real own resources must be introduced”, said Jo Leinen.

In this context, the EMI Political Committee on the Multiannual Financial Framework has prepared a proposal:



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