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  • 24th November 2016 - 12:01 GMT

European Movement joins the Pact for Youth as supportive organisation

The European Movement International has joined the European Pact for Youth as a supportive organisation. The Pact for Youth aims to develop and consolidate partnerships in support of youth employability and inclusion, bringing together businesses, education providers, European institutions, civil society and other key actors.

On the occasion of joining the Pact for Youth, Stefan Crets, CSR Europe’s Executive Director, said: “We are very happy to have European Movement supporting the European Pact for Youth. We look forward to involving them as a part of our fruitful collaboration and start working together with our combined expertise and shared objectives of boosting youth employability and inclusion across Europe.”

Jo Leinen MEP, President of the European Movement International, stated: “Fair jobs and growth are a focal point of the work of the European Movement International, with a particular focus on opportunities for young people in Europe. As a supportive organisation of the Pact for Youth, we can join forces and make a difference in reducing the skills gap and preparing young people for quality jobs. We support the cooperation between companies, education and youth in this area, and will do our part to make this Pact a success by engaging our network across Europe.

Eva Paunova MEP, Vice-President of the European Movement International and co-initiator of the Pact for Youth, added: “The Pact for Youth is an initiative I supported from its very start, and it is very energising and reassuring to see that the other co-signatories come from all possible fields – politicians, CEOs and association leaders. Together, we have demonstrated that when businesses, institutions and civil society act united, we can create better opportunities for our future generations. We share the common vision that providing young people with the necessary skills for a successful career requires work-based learning opportunities. With the Pact for Youth, we consolidated partnerships in support of youth employability and inclusion with a clear aim – creating over 100 000 opportunities for young people by 2020.

On 24 November, the Leaders’ Meeting of the Pact for Youth will take stock of the progress of the Pact over the past year, and discuss the joint proposal “Making Business-Education Partnerships the New Norm across Europe”.
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1. The European Movement International is one of the largest pan and pro-European civil society organisations with currently more than 75 Member Organisations, bringing together representatives from European associations, political parties, enterprises and trade unions.

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