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  • 4th April 2017 - 14:21 GMT

The European Movement welcomes three new members

The European Movement International is delighted to welcome the European Youth Forum, the European Environmental Bureau and CEEP as new members. All three organisations are leaders in their fields and represent significant stakeholders from different parts of society across Europe. They will enrich our network of European associations and national offices adding to the variety and diversity of our family.

Allan Päll, Secretary General of the European Youth Forum, said “Joining the European Movement International is a natural fit for the European Youth Forum. Not just because of our shared objective to advance young people participation in the decisions that affect them. But also because of our mutual commitment to the European ideal and our joint work to make the EU better.”

Jeremy Wates, Secretary General of the European Environmental Bureau, added “The European Movement International is special in the sense that it brings together all sides of society, be it civil society organisations, trade unions, employers, local authorities, political parties. The environmental movement feels like a natural part of that ecosystem: environmental problems do not respect national borders and can often only be tackled effectively at EU level. We look forward to working with other members from different sectors to advance our shared values towards a more sustainable world.”

Valeria Ronzitti, General Secretary of CEEP, said “As EU cross-industry social partner representing employers of public services and SGIs, we feel that joining EMI will lead us to better link with a wider range of actors from different sectors of society. The European Movement International is the ideal framework for us to debate and put forward our ideas on the future of Europe and of its social model”.

Petros Fassoulas, Secretary General of the European Movement International, stated “Having such high-calibrate organisations join our family is truly exciting. We are very proud to have them on board and feel flattered by their endorsement of the role the European Movement International plays as the longest-standing and most diverse pro-European platform. At a time when the European project is being challenged, we need more than ever to unite all sides of society and provide both a vision for the future of Europe but also defend the achievements of the past 60 years.”

Notes to Editor

The European Youth Forum (YFJ) is the platform of youth organisations in Europe. Representing 100 youth organisations, both National Youth Councils and International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations, the Youth Forum brings together tens of millions of young people from all over Europe, organised in order to represent their common interests.

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) is the largest network of environmental citizens’ organisations in Europe. It currently consists of over 150 member organisations in more than 30 countries, including a growing number of European networks, and representing some 15 million individual members and supporters.

CEEP, the European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services and Services of general interest, is the EU cross-industry social partner representing employers and enterprises providing services of general interest. Its members are active in fields such as central & local administrations, healthcare, education, housing, waste management, energy, transport, water, environment, communications.

The European Movement International is the largest pan-European network of pro-European organisations. It is present in 39 countries and encompasses 36 International Associations, bringing together European civil society, business, trade unions, NGOs, political parties, local authorities and academia. Today the European Movement seeks to provide a platform to encourage and facilitate the active participation of citizens and stakeholders from a cross-section of sectors in the development of European solutions to our common challenges. We offer thought leadership on the issues that confront Europe; we seek to inform the debates on our Union’s future, involve citizens and stakeholders in the decisions that affect them and influence policy-makers in favour of an open, inclusive, transparent and united Europe.