The European Movement International in 2018


With the year coming to an end, we would like to share with you our key activities, from our events and communications to our policy output and lobbying work.

2018 has been a year marked by commemorative moments reminding us of the early steps of the European Union, born as a peace project with the aim to foster reconciliation, human rights and democracy in Europe. This year, the European Movement celebrated its 70 years of existence and gathered citizens from across Europe in the Hague, where the Congress of Europe that led to the creation of our organisation took place in 1948. On this occasion, we reaffirmed our commitment to creating a more democratic and united Europe and to set out our common vision for the EU.

With an eye on the upcoming European elections, 2018 was also an opportunity for us to expand our networks across Europe, develop synergies and common ideas to advance citizen participation and to communicate our messages. Our focus, as always, is to involve our member and partners in our work and our positions, build networks, inform the big debates and influence the direction the EU takes.

Our Projects

ALL For Democracy
ALL for Democracy involves NGOs, businesses, local governments, trade unions, youth organisations, academia and citizen initiatives, across party lines and interests, with the goal of finding new ways to enhance European cooperation and democracy. In February, we organised the ’48 Hours for Democracy’, gathering 100 civic innovators, entrepreneurs, youth activists, trade unionists, film-makers, academics, equality campaigners and environmentalists from across Europe, to craft ideas for a more participatory European Democracy. As a result of this, we further developed the idea of holding a democracy festival in 2019.

This Time I’m Voting
In 2018, we joined the European Parliament”s campaign ’This Time I’m Voting’ as an official partner, to encourage citizens to engage and vote in the EP elections 2019. You can support the campaign by signing up here. As part of this campaign and in support of the European Parliament, we kicked off preparations for our flagship event ‘Democracy Alive’ which will take place from 11-13 April 2019. 
European Democracy Group
The European Democracy Group is organised by Carnegie Europe and the European Movement International. Since 2017 we have been running a series of regular discussions between analysts, civil society representatives, and policy-makers in Brussels to explore ways to improve democratic participation in the EU.


Investing in the Future of Europe
In 2018, we organised events in Vienna, Tallinn and Copenhagen as part of the ‘Investing in the Future of Europe‘ series, a partnership between the European Movement and European Investment Bank running for the past two years. The debates take place in different EU Member States and accession countries and offer a much-needed opportunity to highlight the benefits of European integration and to discuss how to invest in the European Union and the well-being of its citizens.
Women of Europe Awards
For the third year running, the 2018 edition of the Women of Europe Awards, co-organised by the European Movement International and the European Women’s Lobby, featured four inspiring winners: Commissioner Marianne ThyssenOrla O’Connor, Ailbhe Smyth and Grainne Griffin (Together for Yes campaign); Axelle Lemaire; and Sigrid Friis Proschowski. A panel debate on activism for equal rights kicked off a day of celebrating women’s contribution in building a better Europe.
On Our Watch
The European Movement and European Investment Bank have joined forces for a series of events to discuss the benefits of EU membership with civil society, business and investors. Events took place in Warsaw, Ireland, France and Serbia.
Europe Day
In 2018, members of the European Movement International network celebrated Europe Day by holding events, discussions and activities throughout Europe. From Finland to Portugal and from Ireland to Turkey, celebrations and events of all kinds took place in EU member as well as non–member states.
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Our Policy and Influencing

Democracy and Citizen Participation


Social Rights, Education and Jobs

Economic and Monetary Union

European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement 

Our Communications

This year, the European Movement International has been very active on social media and we have continuously increased our social media following. We have reached over one million people with our posts on Twitter alone. Hashtags from events such as the Women of Europe Awards and the Federal Assembly had a particularly wide reach, and tweets on Brexit got lots of attention. In addition to its Weekly European Agenda, the European Movement International also published two ‘EU at a Glance’ calendars in 2018:

 The European Union: The Most Successful Peace Project in History
#InvestingInEurope – 
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Our Network Gatherings

Members’ Council
On 24 May, our members met in The Hague, on the occasion of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the European Movement and the annual Members Council. Representatives of our network welcomed the European Green Party and Europa Nostra as new members and shared their recent and upcoming activities.
Federal Assembly
On 9 November, Members of the European Movement International met in Vienna to discuss the state of the network, debate the big issues that face Europe and set out its priorities for the year ahead. Representatives of the network welcomed Raiffeisen Bank as a new supporting corporate member. 
National Councils’ meeting
On 15 October, representatives of the European Movement National Councils met in Brussels to discuss their activities and campaigning strategies for the 2019 European elections. A second part of the meeting was dedicated to discussing the theme and strategy of the 2019 Europe Day celebrations.
European Associations’ meeting
On 4 October, representatives of our European associations in Brussels met to discuss their strategies and share upcoming activities for the European elections 2019. The meeting offered a chance to establish mutual objectives and find common approaches to increase voter turnout and engagement, and to counter anti-European and undemocratic forces.

European Movement International Events

Pictures of all events can be found on Flickr.