Women of Europe Awards


The Women of Europe Awards are organised by the European Movement International and the European Women’s Lobby, building upon the national awards of several National European Movement Councils. The awards are handed out annually to honour women striving to advance the European project in their professional or private capacity. The role of women in the European project remains largely unrecognised, and the awards highlight the contribution of women in promoting and advancing European issues, and to increase the presence and involvement of women in debates about Europe and its future.

2018 Women of Europe Awards

The 2018 Women of Europe Awards were handed out on 28 November 2018 in Brussels and featured winners four categories:

Woman in Power – showing extraordinary political leadership in Europe:

  • Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility

Women in Action – undertaking extraordinary actions at grassroots level in Europe:

  • Orla O’Connor, Ailbhe Smyth and Grainne Griffin, Co-directors of the Together for Yes campaign

Woman in Business – advancing European integration with entrepreneurial spirit:

  • Axelle Lemaire, Global Head of Terra Numerata, Roland Berger

Woman in Youth Activism – for women aged 15 to 30 strengthening the voice of young women in Europe:

  • Sigrid Friis Proschowski, Chair of Radikal Ungdom

Members of the European Movement International and the European Women’s Lobby as well as sponsors nominate candidates for the above categories.

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