Do not put the cart before the horse

The leaders of EU Member States are gathering for a meeting of the European Council, with the gaze of EU citizens fixed upon them in anticipation. 

Whereas the emphasis since the European Elections three weeks ago has been on personalities and who to fill the top EU jobs, we believe our focus should be firmly on debating and agreeing on the policies that will enable the EU to address the challenges that we face.  

Only once the Member States of the EU have set their objectives, and the strategy needed to achieve them, they should turn their attention to selecting the people who will lead the EU institutions and be tasked with delivering that strategy. 

To that end, the European Movement International argues that EU leaders must pursue:  

  • An ambitious defence and security union to address the new geopolitical context that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has ushered.   
  • Bold environmental policies that will help us respond to the climate crisis and protect our fellow citizens from its disastrous effects.
  • Deeper economic integration to strengthen the EU’s competitiveness on the global stage.
  • Social policies to insulate our citizens from the economic challenges and the cost of living crisis they face.
  • A comprehensive investment strategy to make the most of the opportunities presented by the digital transition.  
  • Protect European democracy, uphold the rule of law across our Union and defend the hard-won rights of our citizens without discrimination.  
  • Fundamental reforms to confer the necessary competences to the EU to deliver for its Member States and citizens.  

To achieve that, we need true leadership, ingenuity, and audacity. It is high time the European Council displayed those virtues. 


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