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Who we are - our team

The European Movement International employs a professional Team that is based at the organisation’s HQ in Brussels. The Team works on a daily basis to implement the Strategic Priorities and Annual Work Plan (adopted by the Member Organisations and the Board), under the direction of the Secretary General. 

Alex is responsible for the production and deployment of EMI’s digital engagement, including but not limited to web development, design elements, event direction, video production, and technical solutions.
Emanuel is involved in the development of EMI’s communication strategy and outreach. This includes handling EMI’s social media and digital presence, content creation, brand management and others. He is also responsible for the organisation of events and in providing administrative and logistical support in various projects.



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Who we are - our Board

The Board of the European Movement International is composed of the President, Secretary General and Treasurer, six Vice-Presidents and twelve other members all elected for a 3-year mandate by the member organisations of the European Movement International network.

The Board seeks to fairly represent the various European and national stakeholders that form part of the European Movement International network, and aims to be balanced in terms of nationality, age, gender, political orientation and representation of civil society at large.

EMI political committees

Most of the content-based activities of the EMI are developed by, or at least originate from the work of the three Political Committees, which for the years 2021-2023 have been restructured in line with European Movement’s Strategic Priorities. These Political Committees will meet on the fringes of any Statutory Meetings and whenever deemed necessary, and are open to all members of the European Movement International. The participation in the Political Committees is limited to one representative per member organisation.

The Political Committees can cooperate and/or suggest and initiate projects which are relevant to more than one of them. The Political Committees can delegate parts of their work to specific members. Their main purpose is to determine the lobbying positions that the EMI will defend in the name of its members vis-à-vis the European institutions.

European Movement International structure

The European Movement International is governed by various statutory bodies, which feed into decision-making and enable all member organisations to shape the positions of the European Movement.

A detailed outline of all the European Movement International Statutory bodies and their functions can be found at the Articles of Association.

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