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Council of European Dentists – CED


Council of European Dentists – CED

The Council of European Dentists (CED) is a non-profit association, representing over 340,000 practising dentists from 30 European countries. Established in 1961 to advise the European Commission on issues related to dentistry, the CED promotes the interests of its member organisations – dental associations and dental chambers – by defending high standards of oral healthcare and effective patient safety centred professional practice across Europe. We do so by being involved in a wide range of European policies, ranging from health and internal market to education and data protection. We currently have 10 Working Groups and Task Forces working on issues such as oral health promotion, patient safety, infection control, medical devices, environmental impact of dental materials, dentists’ qualifications, mobility of dentists and patients, competition policy and eHealth. These bodies are composed of practising dentists and dental or legal experts and meet regularly to monitor developing EU policy in their area or interest and to formulate CED policy which is eventually adopted in the form of CED resolutions by the General Meeting. This working method allows us to pool knowledge and experience from across Europe and to present to the representatives of the European Commission, of the Council and of the Parliament expert positions taking into account the views of the entire dental profession.


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