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European Movement in Belgium


European Movement in Belgium

The European Movement in Belgium (EMB) strives for a united and democratic Europe since 1949. We are a non-profit association that supports European integration by engaging as many citizens as possible in the process. Our organisation is open to all individuals, organisations, and companies that support European integration. Consequently, our members come from all kinds of professional, cultural and political backgrounds.

In our view it is essential that the public continues to acknowledge the relevance of the European project. This is, today’s global challenges can no longer be addressed by countries separately. It, however, remains to be debated how these challenges should be addressed at the European level. We want to actively spark such debate on European policies in order to make citizens aware of and involve them in the process of European integration.

The EMB organises a variety of activities that all have a couple of characteristics in common. They spark debate on the EU and they include an educational or awareness-raising aspect. Youngsters often play a major role. The EMB’s youth committee (JEF Belgium) also organises its own activities. These activities mostly take place in the Belgian university towns of Leuven, Ghent, Brussels, Bruges, Louvain-La-Neuve, and Liège.


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