European Movement Germany, Metro Group and BVE will be organising the 4th Brussels Wednesday Social. The topic of today’s session is “Quo vadis EURO – Stress test for the EU.”

The Five Presidents’ Report generated a lively debate about the future of the monetary union all over Europe. We are delighted that Vice-President Dombrovskis also honours the Brussels Wednesday Social to elaborate on the recommendations of the European Commission and his personal vision about Europe.

We are looking forward to an interesting event with you and to our guest’s theses which you will find shortly online on our website Digital Public Policy Office and where you can discuss the theses put forward.

Doors will open from 6.30pm and start 7 pm.

Register to brussels[at]metro.de

The event was part of a series of discussions entitled ‘Prospects for Europe’, launched in March 2017 by the partners of the Wednesday Social, with the aim to foster debate on an innovative and sustainable vision for the EU, involving stakeholders from civil society, political institutions, and the business community.

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