This series of Talking Europe discussions are organised in partnership with the European Commission with the aim to foster debate on the European Union’s work and its effect on the everyday lives of citizens, involving stakeholders from civil society, political institutions and the wider European community.

Coinciding with the 2024 European elections, we’re featuring Members of European Parliament representing various political groups to take stock of the milestones and achievements of the 2019-2024 mandate, examine the key issues at the heart of this year’s campaign, discuss ongoing challenges to democracy and the rule of law, and look ahead to the upcoming mandate beginning later this year.

Our guest, Frances Fitzgerald MEP (EPP) and Vice President of the European People’s Party Group joins us to discuss, amongst other things, the particularities of the closing mandate, the results of the EU elections and the outlook going forward, the importance of defending democracy and Ukraine from Russia’s ongoing war of aggression, and what the EU can be doing to better support its citizens and address the matters affecting their lives.


Frances Fitzgerald

Member of European Parliament, European People’s Party
Vice President, EPP Group

Petros Fassoulas

Secretary General, European Movement International

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