Democracy International: Wishes, Plans and Goals for 2022


Democracy International: Wishes, Plans and Goals for 2022

We wish that, despite the current constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be a year full of exchanges and dialogue to promote access to democracy at all levels of decision-making. In this spirit, we are pleased to present our projects – some new and some well-established – planned for 2022.   

With the DigiDEM EU (Digital Democratic Empowerment and Mobilisation for a Stronger EU) project, the first transnational digital citizen participation project in the European Union will be implemented during this year. Together with the partner countries Germany, the Netherlands, Montenegro and Belgium, the project is designed to enable citizens to develop a legislative proposal on the topic of “air quality” via digital platforms. This is important because a revision of the law on this topic is currently taking place at the European level. The revision will be completed in 2023 and aims to improve air quality. DigiDEM EU aims to ensure that citizens are involved in the legislative process and that the collected input on this topic is incorporated into the EU’s political decision-making.

Democracy International is taking on the German partnership in the project and recognises the implementation as a milestone in terms of collaborative methods, such as digital crowdsourcing of legislation and “social listening”.      

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Members update

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