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EEB: One year of the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan


EEB: One year of the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan

The European Union’s strategy to overcome its addiction to overconsumption and waste turns one year old today. In this brief, the European Environmental Bureau takes stock of the legislative progress made so far by the EU institutions.

Precisely one year ago, the European Commission unveiled its master plan to transform our toxic relationship with the Earth and its limited resources.

The announcement coincided with the reckoning of the looming Covid-19 crisis and of the need to make our economies more resilient to future shocks. The EU’s so-called Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) is meant to be a first step in that direction.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the strategy, the EEB has assessed the main measures put forward so far by the Commission as part of its action plan, highlighting successes and failures as well as challenges ahead.

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