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EM Finland: European Direction Podcast


EM Finland: European Direction Podcast

The European Direction is the country’s leading current affairs podcast on EU policy – at least in the opinion of the presenter Aku Aarva. Europe’s past, present, and future are at stake, but not necessarily in that order.

Boldly at the heart of international Finnish and European decision-making, of course starred by top guests. 

Nationalist populists should not bother to listen.

Krash Oy is responsible for production .

Recent episodes:

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Members update

European Movement Heads of Office meeting

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On Thursday 6 October, the Heads of Office of the National European Movement Councils came together in Brussels to exchange views on current challenges and share ideas for the organisation of a confer. >

EM Finland: European Direction podcast: COVID19 and the European Parliament

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The European Direction podcast is a special program for European Finland, which includes Speech on Europe. The agenda includes the future of Europe, Brexit and the work of the European Parliament, as. >


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