Europe Day 2016


Europe Day 2016

It is easy to take our surroundings for granted, particularly if we have either been born into it or we have lived among it for the majority of our lives. The European Union is one such element of modern European Society that is often overlooked and under-appreciated. However, every year on 9 May, the European Movement International celebrates Europe Day, which allows us to appreciate all the benefits that this community of nations has brought to us.

This year, the European Movement network is organising over 100 activities across 17 countries. Click on the map below to take a closer look:

The origin of the EU (as well as the European Movement International) can be traced back to the Post-WWII period. Determined not to see the mistakes of history repeated once again, the French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman (President of the European Movement 1955-1961) produced the now famous ‘Schuman Declaration’. This proposal envisaged a European Community that cooperated as one in the pursuit of common goals rather than domestic self-interests.

Laying the ground for peace across Europe.

It is this landmark doctrine of Robert Schuman’s that Europe Day marks. It helped solidify a peace in Europe that has sustained for over 70 years, transforming Europe from a divided continent into one that has prospered and flourished. At a time when the EU is targeted by eurosceptic, nationalistic, and extremist voices it creates instead a space to focus on the commonalities that bind us together as Europeans.

Weathering the storm together.

The European Movement International plays a central role in working with and promoting the voices of citizens throughout Europe. From our work in policy formulation and citizen engagement to driving institutional change through lobbying efforts, the European Movement International has been at the forefront of the development of the European Community.

Messages from European Movement International Board members. Take a look at our Twitter account @EMInternational

So take the opportunity this Europe Day on 9 May to celebrate with the European Movement International, our many member organisations, the European institutions, and European civil society at large, all the progress and feats that have been achieved by pursuing our common goals. Together we can punch above our weight!

Together we punch above our weight!

Find out more about our Europe Day activities here!

Members update

European Movement Heads of Office meeting

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