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CEC European Managers

CEC European Managers represents around one million managers in Europe through its national and sectoral federations. At the European level, they are one of the six EU cross-industry social partner organisations recognised by the European Commission. As the independent and autonomous voice of managers, they are making sure that the interests of managers as bridge builders between employers and workers are heard – since 1951.

Members update

CEC European Managers: Views on the French Presidency, what can we expect from this mandate?

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January marks the start of a new year with new resolutions and projects, in Europe it also marks the beginning of a New Presidency of the Council of the European Union, this time it is France’s turn. >

CEC European Managers – #EuropeDay2022: Managers for democracy, sustainability, and youth

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On the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which laid the foundation to the European Union, CEC European Managers reinforce its support to the Institutions and solidarity to the Ukrainian people. >

CEC at the International Labour Conference

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At the 110th Session of the International Labour Conference held in Geneva, CEC president Maxime Legrand has held a speech on the future of work. The managers of tomorrow have a great role to play fo. >


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