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Democracy International

Democracy International is a German-based independent NGO whose aim is to support and promote the development of participatory and direct democracy at the transnational level worldwide. Its European wing, Democratic Europe Now, focuses on enhancing democracy at the EU level, through fostering Europe-wide debate and citizen involvement in decision-making. Campaigns focus on network-building, political liaising and grassroots activism. Thematic focuses include building support for an EU Convention on democratic reform, reform of the European Citizens’ Initiative for more citizen friendly rules of usage, and standardisation of European voting.

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Democracy International: German Climate Assembly: to reach the 1.5° target we need citizens

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The Climate Assembly had presented their recommendations to the delegates of Germany’s leading political parties so that they could be taken into consideration during negotiations to form the new Ge. >

Democracy International: good governance goes hand in hand with democratic renewal: the case of Bulgaria

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From summer 2020 to spring 2021, Bulgaria experienced a series of protests not only in its capital city Sofia, but also in cities abroad which have a major Bulgarian community, such as Brussels and Lo. >

Democracy International: Wishes, Plans and Goals for 2022

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We wish that, despite the current constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be a year full of exchanges and dialogue to promote access to democracy at all levels of decision-making. In this spirit. >


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