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European Movement The Netherlands

The European Movement Netherlands (EBN) is a network organisation of citizens, civil society organisations and businesses. The EBN has 600 members and several dozen affiliated organisations. The EBN functions as a European platform. What unites us is a commitment to the European integration process and the conviction that we can help shape the future of Europe itself.

There are many different views and ideas within the EBN network about how European cooperation can take shape. We all recognise the importance of European integration as a unique and relevant process in which the Netherlands must continue to invest actively. How citizens can be the carriers of Europe is our main concern.

The EU currently has a major credibility problem. That problem will persist as long as many national politicians pretend that the future of Europe does not concern them. This problem will also persist as long as citizens do not feel sufficiently involved in European integration. The key to both challenges lies not in Brussels, but in the Member States and active citizens. National politicians must take their responsibility as co-directors of Europe more seriously. The referendum on the European Constitution in 2005 underlined the need for a (high-quality) debate on the future of Europe – and the position of the Netherlands within it. The EBN is committed to and active as a platform for such a debate.


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