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The Turkey-European Union Association (Turabder) is a non governmental institution established in 1987, year at which Turkey had applied for full membership to the EU. Based in Istanbul, it supports European integration by engaging citizens in this process. It aims at engaging the public especially young people to acknowledge the relevance of the European project at a time when global challenges threaten us all.

Turabder also known as the European Movement Turkey organizes panels, conferences, debates which do have both an educational purpose  and an awareness raising aspect. It considers it very important that the new young generations in Turkey aim for a full fledged democratic Turkey respectful of human rights, freedom of expression so as to  eventually become a full member of the EU. Turabder with its 1300 members also believes that promoting peace and reconciliation depend on women’s involvement in domestic and foreign policy and therefore cooperates with different women platforms to enable women’s participation in the decision making process.

GSF Binası Kat 4 Okan Üniversitesi Akfırat campus Tuzla, Istanbul
+90 212 243 5001
+90 212 2510167

European Movement Turkey

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