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Are you a communication professional looking to boost your outreach and engagement skills? Join the European Movement International’s online training ‘How to reach beyond our echo-chambers ahead of the 2024 European elections’ and gain practical knowledge and data-driven strategies to reach beyond your core audience.

Over the course of four 2-hour sessions, you’ll learn how to use data to optimise campaigns and messages, define and build an audience, foster a community via social media, and gain general comms and design tips and tricks.

But that’s not all – ahead of the 2024 European elections, participants will also have the opportunity to develop content aimed at increasing voter participation in their localities using the tools from the training. You will receive feedback from our communications specialists and gain visibility for your work through promotion on listentopeople.eu and the together.eu network.

Plus, gain access to modifiable templates of social media posts, EMI’s original content for citizens’ engagement digital campaigns, and continuous mentoring and community-building through a Slack group.

The training will be offered twice this year, allowing you to choose the dates that suit you best between:

25-28 September 2023
02-05 October 2023


Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to enhance your skills and actively use your voice in the upcoming European Parliament elections. [Space is full, reach out if you want to be a part of the waiting list]

The workshops are organised within the project LISTEN TO PEOPLE: Effectively and Positively Persuading Audiences Beyond Our Echo Chambers, co-funded by the European Parliament. This interactive training is designed for activists, civil society actors, and communication professionals residing in Estonia, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Germany and Finland. Young people and vulnerable groups are encouraged to apply.


Monday (15:00-17:00)

The Latest Attitudinal Data & How to Use It

During the first session, you will learn about the methodology of using evidence to upgrade your communications strategies. You’ll have access to our latest data relevant to building a convincing campaign that increases voter turnout at the EU elections.

Matthiew MacWilliams, Lead Pollster & Analyst for the ‘Listen to Europe’ opinion polls
*Presentation of Listen To People by Petros Fassoulas, Secretary General, European Movement International.

Tuesday (Sept 10:00-12:00 / Oct 15:00-17:00)

Applying the Data to Digital Campaigns
Achieving Superior Design & Effective Communication

During the first part of the session, you will learn how to define your audience and receive recommendations on how to expand it beyond your core supporters.
The second part of the session will be dedicated to communication and design tips and tricks to consolidate your branding and campaigns.

Christian Skrivervik, EMI Head of Press and Communication
Emanuel Ferreira, EMI Communication and Events Officer

Wednesday (15:00-17:00)

Building Thriving Communities

The third session will focus on how to engage more likeminded people into your community by taking advantage of social media and targeted ads.

Sebastián Rodriguez, EMI Campaign Strategist, Community Building and Digital Outreach Lead

Thursday (Sept 16:00-17:00 / Oct 15:00-17:00)

Social Media: Mastering the Art of Crafting 1-Minute Videos
Leveraging TikTok’s Power for EU Democracy (Only in October)

In this session, you will learn about the fundamentals of creating compelling 1-minute videos. The structure, recording, and marketing processes will be addressed.

Additionally, you will be presented with the different ad options on TikTok and receive some tips and tricks on how to get started on the platform.

Karim Hallal Peche, YouTuber on European Issues
Vincent Pierquet, Belgium Country Lead, TikTok for Business (only in October)


Matthew MacWilliams

Lead Pollster & Analyst for the ‘Listen to Europe’ opinion polls

Matthew C. MacWilliams is a scholar, and a recognized expert on authoritarianism. His research on President Donald Trump and authoritarianism sparked international debate and is at the heart of his latest book, On Fascism: 12 Lessons From American History.
Matthew MacWilliams is a long-time political professional and an award-winning practitioner of American politics. He established MacWilliams Sanders Communications — a campaign- and issues-driven media strategy firm  —  more than 20 years ago. He earned his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Massachusetts and studied at the University of Pennsylvania for his bachelor’s degree.

Karim Hallal Peche

YouTuber on European Issues

Karim Hallal Peche is a Spanish YouTuber focused on european issues, having the biggest YouTube channel in Spanish of this kind (@ElViejoContinente). He works full time in his project making videos on several platforms (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok), giving lectures about the EU and trainings about how to create engaging videos.


Christian Skrivervik

EMI Head of Press and Communications

Christian Skrivervik is in charge of all aspects of EMI’s external communications. This includes, amongst others, strategy and narrative development, press work, social media management, as well as the production and design of online and print materials. Before joining the European Movement International, Christian worked as Policy and Communications Officer at the Brussels based NGO Shipbreaking Platform, and as Creative Consultant and Text Editor for Essence Creative; a Norwegian Design and Communications Agency based in Oslo. During his time as a student, he was also editor-in-chief of the (law)faculty magazine, Nexus Magazine.

Sebastián Rodriguez

EMI Campaign Strategist, Community Building and Digital Outreach Lead

Sebastián Rodriguez is the campaign manager of some of the EMI’s flagship projects that promote European values across the continent. He has experience running pan-European grassroots campaigns and in digital strategy and organising. Before joining the EMI, Sebastián Rodríguez worked as communication advisor at the European Parliament and as a consultant to the largest pro-European campaign groups in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

Emanuel Ferreira

EMI Communication and Event Officer

Emanuel Ferreira is involved in the development of EMI’s communication strategy to improve the efficacy of its outreach. This includes handling EMI’s social media accounts and digital presence, web content management, drafting of proof-read materials, graphic design and others. He is also responsible for the organisation of events and in providing operational, administrative and logistical support in various projects. Prior to joining EMI, Emanuel worked as a Communications and Communities Officer for the European Society of Association Professionals and as a Junior Project Manager for VO-Europe.

Vincent Pierquet

Belgium Country Lead – TikTok for Business

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