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LISTEN TO PEOPLE: Effectively And Positively Persuading Audiences Beyond Our Echo Chambers

The LISTEN TO PEOPLE project mobilises European citizens around European democracy and values ahead of the European elections in 2024 and strengthens the strategic communication and outreach capacity of civil society, activists, and change-makers. 

Since 2018, the European Movement International has been developing this communication and campaign methodology that can enable civil society to reach beyond activist and base audiences. Based on recent polling and focus group research, and using cutting-edge analysis, framing, and targeting, we develop campaign messages optimised for middle, persuadable audiences.  

This fifth iteration of the project focuses on the 2024 European Elections. We will implement capacity-building workshops and develop digital campaigns in 8 EU member states that promote an impactful, positive societal narrative change to increase voters’ participation. The targeted countries are Estonia, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, and Finland. 


  1. Strengthening strategic communication and outreach capacity of change-makers toward democratic engagement
    The project positively influences societal narratives on a large scale, equipping organisations with valuable knowledge to enhance their communication and outreach capacities. To this end, our research’s results are published on our website and shared during events and workshops.  
  1. Creating and optimising messages for middle/persuadable audience and adapting it for specific national situations
    The project has examined citizens’ attitudes towards the EU and democracy, as well as specific issues like the environment, immigration, gender equality, and human rights. In addition, it has tested campaigns from 19 European civil society organisations and institutions ahead of the 2019 European elections and during the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating how different audiences react to their messaging. In the context of the 2024 European elections, we will be implementing data-driven digital campaigns in 8 EU countries to increase voters’ participation.  
  1. Informing citizens and supporting their democratic engagement
    Ultimately, we provide data that help to shape effective communication strategies that aim at raising citizens’ awareness of the critical role and democratic values of the European Union, encouraging engagement and active democratic participation. 


The project has been successful in reaching millions of people across Europe through digital campaigns in EU countries, capacity-building, and knowledge-sharing Democracy Tables. In 2022, the Listen to People campaign reached a record of 21.6 million citizens through citizens’ outreach campaigns, opinion polls, and social media listening in nine countries. 

Partners and Donors 

The European Movement International is partnering with Matthew MacWilliams, a scholar and recognized expert on authoritarism, to lead the LISTEN TO PEOPLE polls and data analysis. 

The LISTEN TO PEOPLE project was co-funded by the European Parliament Action Grant. The first iterations of the projects were funded by the Open Society Foundation.


Increasing Citizens Engagement, Streghtening Civil Society’s Capacity


2018-2024 (5 iterations)


Maja Bobic
Head of Projects & Fundraising


Training: Sept-Oct 2023 – How to reach beyond our echo-chambers ahead of the 2024 European elections

We are organising online training sessions for communication professionals who are interested in learning how to use polling data and online digital campaigning tools to develop messages, identify audiences and reach people beyond the usual suspects. Our aim is to help civil society organisations to boost their ability to reach and engage more citizens, and gain practical knowledge on how to run impactful campaigns in the run-up to one of the most important European Elections.




Progress lies in participation


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