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The European Movement International is one of the oldest and largest pro-European civil society organisations. With a rich history of managing European projects, we have developed our expertise in EU policy and advocacy, reaching beyond our bubbles via evidence-based communications and campaigning, stakeholder engagement and events at our headquarters in Brussels and through our network across Europe. 

At EMI, we are on a mission to combat the rise of authoritarianism and protect democratic values in both EU and non-EU nations, bolstering Europe’s stability. Through our projects, we strengthen democracy, promote citizen involvement, and foster European cooperation. Our initiatives offer valuable platforms for dialogue amongst our target audience — citizens, social partners, CSOs, think tanks, universities, and policymakers. 

We are committed to countering disinformation with spreading positive European narratives online, garnering support for the European project. If you would like to collaborate with us, reach out to us at maja.bobic@europeanmovement.eu. Together, we can make a difference in shaping the future of Europe. 



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